more skepticism? naw, just science

In my part of London, we have live measles and TB scares on a regular basis, because so many parents have been convinced that inoculation is bad for kids that they won’t get them their jabs. They’re not just risking their children’s lives, but the lives of the kids around them — first, the kids who are too small to get inoculated, and second, the kids for whom the inoculations don’t take, who would otherwise be protected by herd immunity.
The science on inoculations is a settled matter. The fact that some vaccinations are given around the same age in which autism symptoms first present means that some fraction of kids will develop autism around the same time that they get their shots. This is not causality, it is co-occurrence. Everyone knows someone whose kid got sick around vaccination time — but the plural of “anaecdote” is not “fact.”

thank you cory doctorow

and shut up, jenny mccarthy


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