mathematical symphony

the functional anatomy of the spinal cord bores me.

things that are currently less boring to me:

new nebulae images from the very large telescope (seen above: “NGC 3576 nebula, a diffuse region of glowing gas about 100 light-years across and 9,000 light-years away. The area, about 25 times the distance between our solar system and the nearest star, is generating massive stars that are shredding the clouds out of which they coalesce.”)

the methuselah mouse prize, a $3.5 million prize offered to the scientist who can keep a mouse alive the longest

updates on the miller-urey experiment, in which a grad student at indiana university returned to the vials of material created in a pivotal 1953 experiment concerning the creation of organic matter on earth and found a bunch of amino acids miller was unable to detect

on that note, the sound of the big bang


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