atom smashin

NO INTERNETS!! since i moved on the 31st. good timing i guess, since the world is gonna end tomorrow, and we’re supposed to get service on september 11th. bad luck internets.


3 responses to “atom smashin

  1. do you know WHEN it’s supposed to end today? because i have a lot to get done :\

  2. well, it started up at approximately 3:30 am BUT it won’t be doing any colliding for a couple months, so you’ve got some time.

  3. I was so there. In the country of Europe. I was practically getting universal healthcare over this fiery death for a whole planet right when it happened.
    I’m also pretty sure I woke up after the experiments. They were at 11:30 my time, right? Yea, no, I wasn’t awake.

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