not surprisingly, i have a huge backlog of things to blog. i wish i could just give everyone direct access to my bookmarks to browse on their own time… but i suppose that’s possible and i should make the effort for you.

anyway, with the gustav scare looming, here’s a chilling nyt article about national guardsmen patrolling new orleans.. really makes it sound like a ghost town. now i want to read something about new life blooming in NO, any recommendations?

The images seen through that cracked windshield provide flashcard contradictions: a man drinking a beer on his deteriorated shotgun porch and a man painting his restored shotgun porch; a deserted dollar store, its door agape, and a new frozen-dessert shop, its window open.

A United Parcel Service truck making a delivery. Unsmiling children returning the sergeant’s wave. And everywhere, that X symbol used by rescue units in the first days after the flood to signal that a building had been searched for the living and the dead

this land: three years after the hurricane, the backup is a fixture

p.s. to my ex-project manager tracey & her husband steve (who moved back to new orleans on wednesday), my thoughts are with you!


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