UPPERCASEjournal inspired an ebay window-shopping spree for vintage rubber stamps, of which they have many — most are old office sets, though i did come across some pretty cool post office and banking stamps too. however, the best find was clearly the set of 51 stamps believed to have come from a meat packing plant

imagine how long it would take before you’d get tired of stamping “SIDE PORK” on everything!

now, who wants to give me $30?


2 responses to “HAMHOCKS

  1. I had a 30 minute conversation with Nahunta Pork about “trimmins” or pork cut for sausage, like the italian kind. I want a “trimmins” stamp.

  2. i hope you’d stamp it ON people
    i feel like my lovehandles need a “trimmins” stamp

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