the sound of birds

SS: Can you see yourself living anywhere else permanently — other than the Pacific Northwest?

IB: I have a hard time imagining that — maybe the Northeast, around Maine. It’s beautiful. It’s cold enough to not make me paranoid about the world ending, and it’s near seafood — treats from the deep.

from “building something out of nothing” in stop smiling magazine


2 responses to “the sound of birds

  1. angerrrra: i’m off to the pacific northwest in 2 weeks! if i see isaac brock there i’ll give him a big hug from you. i love reading interviews with him, he’s so intelligent and yet so off-the-wall. i miss you…and i’m applying for nursing jobs at MGH and brigham & womens!

  2. thebumblebees

    oooh where are you going? he’s my favorite interview-ee ever.

    YAY COME TO BOSTON WE WILL GO TO THE PARK! when would these jobs ostensibly be starting?

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