“...The whole sex-symbol status of mermaids hinges on the question which part is “woman” – upper or lower. “The other type of mermaid” that hapless Fry was referring to would have problems attracting suitors, of course. And how do you do it with the normal type?

Wise mythologists came up with the answer, of course. And the answer is a two-tailed mermaid sometimes called a Melusine…”

check out How the Starbucks Siren Became Less Naughty at dead programmer’s café

no wonder i stuck around at starbucks so long… i hate fun too.


2 responses to “melusinuous

  1. Christopherrr

    It’s a woman fucking a zebra.

  2. thebumblebees

    i think maybe that’s a little earlier on the melusine’s phylogenetic tree.

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