last weekend i went to provincetown, MA. home to norman mailer, franz kline (BU alum, what up), robert motherwell (that one’s for you, dad), jackson pollock, john waters, the holly folly, and mates leather weekend; it may come as some surprise that cape cod is home to the gayest city in america.


8 responses to “ptown

  1. how do you measure the level of gay?

  2. thebumblebees

    in this case, it’s the highest concentration of same-sex couple households within a single zip code.

  3. thebumblebees

    also the number of rainbow flags, and the fact that there is a weekend-long leather festival.

  4. it’s true, the gay-per-square-mile ratio of P-Town pushes it past San Francisco in Gayness…though that can also be credited to the overwhelming amount of San Franciscans who have relocated there.

  5. Christopherrr

    Fuck the women from Wellfleet
    Fuck the bears out in Provincetown
    Out of Cape Cod tonight

  6. thebumblebees

    don’t worry, CA’s still the gayest state

  7. thebumblebees

    dear vampire weekend-
    why you so bitter? learn to love!
    regards, angera

    on another note, a woman working at CVS was really pushing for us to go to wellfleet.

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