dance hall dance hall

instead of trying to put words together while some sort of apocalyptic construction is going on in the ceiling above my head, i’m just gonna paste some things in.

check out modest mouse in 1997

& some quotes from an onion a.v. club interview

O: You’ve written lyrics that reference both science and God. Do you believe in science as a replacement for religion, or an adjunct? How do the two things fit together in your mind?

IB: I don’t believe in science, either! I don’t think it exists. [Laughs.] I toy around with the whole Biblical thing, just as amazing characters. What I’ve read, in terms of the Bible and shit, is that Satan’s this super-charming guy who’ll come off sweet as sugar, and that if you run into him, he’ll try and fool you into thinking he’s God. From all of that, wouldn’t that probably make God the devil, if he’s such a good liar? I can’t think of any really horrendous shit that’s been caused by the character Satan, but man, God’s got quite a few smitings under his belt. But science, science is great. I love science. With any luck, it’ll save us all.

O: The band’s live reputation used to be sharply divided, with audiences in for either something amazing or a drunken mess.

IB: There’s the whole idea of knowing how much you can drink before you play. There was a certain point where I realized that these folks showing up for the shows paid money, and not to see me get fucking drunk. The collective amount of time and energy and money put in to coming out to see us play—no one deserves to have to see a drunk dude. They can buy their friends beer and watch them get drunk for much cheaper.

O: Are you the kind of songwriter who’ll be compelled to write forever, or do you think it’s something you’ll hang up someday?

IB: I hope I’m doing it, but I’m not going to be pissed if I’m not. There’s other shit I want to do. If I find myself just not feeling like writing songs anymore, I think I’ll drop it. There’s enough bad, insincere music out there. I don’t need to contribute to that.

amen, isaac.


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