the only dutch word i say on a regular basis

well, i already lose at posting every day and i’m p.l.u.m. tuckered. i spent a couple hours last night sketching for a scherenschnitte… i think every time i start a new one i spend more time on it. i wish i were correspondingly satisfied with the endproducts. as soon as digital camera device (temporary RIP) is alive and with me again, maybe i’ll try to make an effort to post pictures (we all know that’s a big maybe).

okay, okay. what the hell is scherenschnitte?

*image by cindy, the queen of papercutting bloggers

since wikipedia is lacking on this one, i’ll try my best. scherenschnitte (german for “scissor cuts”) is the art of papercutting. papercutting originated in china with the invention of paper. as a folk art, scherenschnitte was founded in switzerland and germany in the 16th century (hans christian andersen illustrated with papercuts) and became popular in the wildly exciting lives of 19th-century germans. the pennsylvania dutch brought it over to the states, and a couple hundred years later, in a desolate period of unemployment and sorrow, an angela’s small heart grew with its discovery.

  • tord boontje is a dutch artist who makes ridiculously intricate 2d, 3d, and whole-room installation papercuts
  • chris natrop is based in LA and also does 2d and 3d work as well as installations
  • nikki mcclure‘s illustrations look like woodcuts, which i think testifies to their great organic quality
  • peter callesen‘s works are more sculpture than papercut – he combines cutting and origami into 3d pieces.

…and now, i’m off to pick up my printed grad announcements and ink, stamp, and adhere to my tiny heart’s content!


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